Civil Work Spaces® Offerings

Need to boost civility and respect? Check out how the Civil Work Spaces® offerings can help you support competent leadership, build high-performance teams, and create an inclusive workplace culture.

Train the Trainer Program

Deliver training across your organization by getting competent internal staff to license as Civil Work Spaces® Certified Facilitators.

Direct Delivery Program

Use our seasoned facilitators to deliver the Civil Work Spaces® civility boosting programs to your leaders and staff.   

Personal Respect Barometer™

Online self-assessment tool, delivering robust personal strategies that build civility competencies.  

Facilitator / Participant Guides

Available exclusively to Civil Work Spaces® Certified Facilitators, the Guides are an integral part of our training programs.

Respect-On-the-Go™ Toolkits

Respect On-the-Go toolkits equip users with hundreds of dynamic civility-related tips, phrases and concrete strategies.

Trust Your Canary Book

The ultimate guide for leaders in the trenches who wish to cultivate respectful, productive workplace environments.