About the Civil Work Spaces® Program

The Civil Work Spaces® program combines decades of expertise developed at Workplace Performance Solutions Inc. and Bar-David Consulting Inc., merging both firms’ strong track records in organizational consulting and training.

Workplace Performance Solutions Inc.

Workplace Performance Solutions Inc. is a consulting firm of experienced performance consultants, instructional designers, and technical developers that design performance-improving curricula. For the past 15 years WPS has created custom learning and performance solutions that align with clients’ culture and business needs.

Bar-David Consulting Inc.

Bar-David Consulting Inc. is a boutique firm specializing in helping organizations create civil work environments through training, civility enhancing learning tools, and coaching for abrasive leaders. For the past 30 years, the company has built a stellar reputation as a change catalyst within a wide range of industries.

Lisa Corfixsen

Lisa Corfixsen, MSA, HPI is the President and Founder of Workplace Performance Solutions. Recognized for her collaborative approach, Lisa has developed numerous performance-based solutions for leadership development, product training, systems implementation, change management, and process development for a number of industries over the past 25 years. Her work has been distinguished for its ever-present emphasis on civility and respect as workplace cultural cornerstones.

Lisa Corfixsen


Sharone Bar-David

Sharone Bar-David, LLB MSW, president at Bar-David Consulting, is a leading expert on workplace incivility. She is the author of Trust Your Canary: Every Leader’s Guide to Taming Workplace Incivility and creator of the Respect on the Go™ toolkits. With a background as a litigation lawyer and social worker, Sharone has worked extensively with a wide range of organizations as trainer, consultant, and coach to abrasive leaders. Her expertise is featured regularly in professional publications and the media.

Sharone Bar-David